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Hotels Recognize The Need For Professional Anti-Allergen Services

What is lurking in hotel rooms that hotel guests can’t see? It’s a worrying thought for those who stay in hotels regularly and for hotel owners whose reputations in hotel hygiene rely on the promise of spotless rooms.

UV-C Light Sanitizing and Extraction services are becoming used in more and more 5 Star hotels, as well as smaller independent hotels, motels and B&B’s; both in guest rooms and in the kitchens for assured hotel hygiene.

The increase in the number of worldwide travelers means guests can unintentionally transport bacteria, viruses and a growing number of allergens into hotel rooms.

The typical hotel mattress can hold up to 2 to 10 million dust mites and their toxic fecal waste.

Other germs, bacteria and viruses are also carried and spread by guests around the room.

Damp cloth cleaning can even make the contamination levels worse by spreading bacteria from surface to surface.

UV-C Light sanitizing and high powered extraction devices have proven to be highly effective when used in conjunction with regular hotel hygiene cleaning practices to kill germs, bacteria and viruses in both commercial and domestic settings.

One of the key benefits of UV-C Light and high-powered extraction services for hotel hygiene is the enhanced cleaning on all hard surfaces and soft furnishings, thereby providing the hotel guests with the highest standard of hygiene.

Thorough room sanitization becomes a point of differentiation in a competitive market and will have an effect on which hotel a potential guest chooses.

It is also important to note that UV-C Light and deep extraction services also help to prolong the life of soft furnishings and bedding - saving money on refurbishments.

Contracting professional outside service providers offering UV-C Light and deep extraction services results in eliminating the need for special training for a hotel’s regular staff.

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